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The Catholic Children's Bible


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Product Description

The Catholic Children’s Bible (Good News Translation)

Introducing The Catholic Children’s Bible, only from Saint Mary’s Press!  It’s the first ever complete children’s Bible that not only inspires, but empowers children to read, live, understand, and love the Word of God. The stories of our Catholic faith come alive with vivid, awe-inspiring artwork, larger text, and many more design features that not only enhance comprehension but create enjoyment as well.

I Can Read It! 
Intentional design elements such as fonts built for early readers, increased line spacing, bold vocabulary words, colorized text, minimal hyphenation, and simple column dividers help make this a Bible children can read on their own. 

I Can Find It! 
Unique navigational features such as colorized tabs, large chapter and verse numbers, full Scripture references, and clear and concise story titles, are all designed specifically for early readers and to help children easily locate passages and stories. 

I Can Understand It! 
Young children will be able to understand and relate to God’s Word through the Understand It! and Tell It! sections, bold vocabulary words and easy-to-understand definitions, the realistic artwork and borders, the introductions to the Old and New Testaments, and the many pictures, maps, and time lines that are included throughout the Bible. 

Customer Reviews

  1. Hands down my favorite Children's Bible!

    This is a real bible, not just stories and things from the bible watered down for kids. There are special pull out sections that give children a deep understanding of key points. I wish my bible as a kid had been this colorful!

    Reviewed by Jody Jaggie on May 2, 2017, 8:21 a.m. | Permalink

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