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Reckless Faith: Let Go and be Led


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When Beth and her husband Todd took a missions trip to Mexico thirteen years ago, they just thought it was an opportunity to do a little good with their summer vacation. But they couldn’t forget a chance encounter with a forgotten orphanage, couldn’t forget that transcendent feeling of having participated in something truly profound and like addicts they wanted that feeling again. A year later, they moved to Monterrey, Mexico. Some might call that reckless. In the years that follow, Beth and Todd establish a ministry that helps orphans–the poorest, most defenseless members of a needy populace. And while the stories here are drawn from those experiences, this book isn’t a memoir. It’s about living with faith, with the certainty that God will show up, exactly where and exactly when He’s needed. Beth calls it a reckless faith–a willingness to trust even when you don’t understand. And her book–an inspiring collection of true stories about real people who, when faced with real challenges, chose to trust God–is a call to every reader to live with Reckless Faith.


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