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P.R.A.Y Booklets


In Stock, though God and Me Student Booklet-Grades 1-3, God and Me Counselor Booklets- Grades 1-3, God and Family Student Booklet-Grades 4-5, God and Family Counselor Booklet-Grades 4-5, God and Church Student Booklets-Grades 6-8, God and Church Counselor Booklets-Grades 6-8, God and Life Student Booklet-Grades 9-12, God and Life Counselor Booklet-Grades 9-12 are backstocked

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American Heritage Girls is an official partner of the PRAY program- "Programs of Religious Activities with Youth". Programs are based on age and help Protestant girls grow in their faith. Books are available for both the girls and the counselor leading this program of spiritual growth. Completion of this program allows a girl to order her denomination's religious medal, which can be worn on the front of the AHG uniform, through the PRAY organization. NFCYM - these books of religious development for our Catholic members can be ordered through

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