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Pocket Blanket


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Product Description

For those of you who enjoy outdoor or sports activities, this is an excellent addition!  This item is a water repellent pocket blanket tucked inside a knit pocket with a carabiner.  When opened, this blanket is 55” x 44”.   Available in Black.

Customer Reviews

  1. Great for the Emergency Kit!

    This pocket blanket is well made, for what it is, but calling it a blanket is a stretch. It's a sheet of non-reflective vinyl in a soft knit pouch. The entire thing is about the size of an index card and about the depth of a tube of lipstick. It's not soft. It is waterproof and will be vary handy for windy events, but it won't provide warmth unless its already sunny out. My daughter was disappointed that it's not a soft, warm, fuzzy blanket, but is in essence a plastic sheet. The item name should be updated to pocket emergency blanket, and then people would better understand what they are getting... which is very similar to a space blanket, without being reflective.

    Reviewed by Becky Ruths on Nov. 17, 2017, 5:08 p.m. | Permalink

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