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Frieda B. Kindness Ambassador Patch


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See Kindness.  Be Kindness.

Imagine reading a newspaper that reported only good news. Imagine how differently you'd feel about the world around you if you heard more good stories than bad. Stories of how people are putting others first through great acts of kindness. Well, the truth is, there are more good stories than bad. They just don't get shared as often.

This is what the Frieda B. Kindness Ambassador (FBKA) Program is all about: Together, looking for - and recognizing - the kindness of others, all over our country. Then sharing those stories, putting them on a map, for all to see. It's a way for each of us to see and be God's light in our world - to provide hope and encouragement that God, indeed, is mightily at work among us, through works of kindness.

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