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Frieda B. Journal


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Product Description

Our "Free to B. My Own Story" Journaling Activity provides all that's needed to begin a priceless journey of story-journaling... something Frieda B. author, Renata Bowers, has been doing since 2008.

Truly, this is an activity and a keepsake for ages 3 to, well, no limit.

The journal itself is from Piccadilly, a name synonymous with high-quality paper goods. It measures 5" x 8", is hardcover with 240 acid-free lined pages, a sewn binding, an elastic closure, satin page ribbon, and an expandable back interior pocket. In that pocket, you'll find our handy guidelines, written by Renata, to guide anyone of any age in the journey of story-journaling (she includes information for adults in guiding young children). Wonderful stuff. Also inside that pocket are three sheets of colorful "Zilla was Here" Stickers, to correlate with our "Make and Take Zilla" project ( This project encourages the journaler to - just like Frieda B. - take Zilla as a loyal companion on all adventures, real and imaginary. Whenever that happens, our Zilla stickers help capture and commemorate the event.

Might you be asking, "What exactly is story-journaling?"

Simply put, it's a neat way to capture your life as a story (because, of course, that's what it is). The secret is in writing or drawing about what is happening now, in the present. Real and imaginary journeys, dreams and adventures. As you look back, you'll see plots, chapters, characters, conflicts and resolutions that have unfolded. And blessings. Lots of blessings.

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