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What is the Trailblazer Program?

Some families are interested in the AHG Program but find that for whatever reason, it is not possible for them to be a part of an AHG Troop. Obstacles to being in a Troop may include: living abroad as either a military or missionary family, living more than a 60-minute drive from an AHG Troop meeting location, or a disability or condition that limits a girl’s ability to attend a Troop meeting. Though AHG believes that its program is best delivered in a Troop setting, no girl should be denied the opportunity to experience faith, service, and fun as an American Heritage Girl!

Enter the Trailblazer program. In the Trailblazer program, one girl or a set of sisters are mentored by an adult age 21 or older who meets AHG's adult membership requirements* and agrees to serve as the girl’s Trailblazer Mentor. This is usually the girl’s own parent but might also be her guardian, minister, or teacher. The Mentor is coached through the program by dedicated AHG Staff and also has 24/7 access to online resources and AHG Leader publications. The girls wear AHG Uniforms and participate in as much of the AHG Program as their situation allows.

Trailblazer eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis. Want to be a Trailblazer? Please complete the request form . The AHG Trailblazer Coordinator will contact you after reviewing your information.

For additional questions and to see cost information, please visit the Trailblazer FAQs page or contact

*All Trailblazer Mentors must agree to AHG's Statement of Faith , and agree to abide by the AHG Oath, Creed , and Mission Statement .