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Program Alliances

American Heritage Girls is discerning about the values and mission of other like-minded organizations with which it chooses to build a relationship. Both organizations consider the program resources, demographics, and outreach possibility in order to work in tandem rather than "reinventing the wheel."
Preferred Fundraising Vendors
American Heritage Girls works closely with a select number of Preferred Fundraising Vendors that have dedicated customer service reps devoted to assist Troops with fundraising efforts. These companies are aligned with the AHG Mission of "building women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country." In addition to helping Troop's raise funds for activities and events, your Troop can rest assure that these companies hold the same values as American Heritage Girls.

Denominational Alliances

American Heritage Girls is blessed by a variety of Christian denominations that endorse AHG as the preferred program for girls in their churches. This support is decided at a national level and is practiced at a local level. AHG is an interdenominational organization that continues seeking denominational endorsement through relationship building.