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Sharon "Faith"

Tenderheart Doll Profile.jpgNamed by Rachel Sharon Berry of OH3124

A little more about Faith from her friend Rachel's “camp journal”:

August 7, 2015
This is my first day of Adventure Camp and I met a funny, caring girl named Sharon “Faith” Daily. The first thing I noticed about her was that her name was different but cool.  I just had to ask her about it. She said she liked her first name, Sharon, because it is her Grandma’s name. Her middle name, Faith, is the same as two of her good friends and when said with her first and last name, Sharon Faith Daily, reminds her of her faith in Jesus and that she wants to share Him with her friends. The second thing I noticed about her was she asked lots of questions. She asked all the girls questions like: “What do you like most about AHG?”; “What’s your favorite Bible verse?” I thought maybe she wanted to be President when she grew up but it made even more sense when I found out she is the new AHG spokesgirl! How exciting! I said to myself, “Boy, would I like to get to know her better!” So, I decided to ask her a few questions of my own. Here is what I found out: 

Faith’s favorite AHG Badge is Pet Care. She loves animals and has two dogs, one cat and lots of fish. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. (I was wrong about being President of the United States!)  Other Badges she liked earning are Living and Working in Space, Aviation, Theater, Creative Crafts, Hiking, and Geology. Her favorite service project is filling shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. She loves buying the things to put in the box, wrapping the box and praying for the child that will receive it. Her favorite special event is the Daddy/Daughter Dance. She loves spending time with her Daddy and getting dressed up. Her best friend is an AHG Tenderheart too. They marched together in the Memorial Day Parade passing out flags and candy. Her favorite AHG memory was handing a flag to a Veteran and being able to say “thank you”. Her favorite dessert is ice cream and she almost always gets raspberry chocolate chip. Her favorite Bible verse is Psalm 121:1-6 and she knows it by heart! The verse reminds her that God is always watching over her and He is powerful. She thinks slugs and snails are cute, she can blow a bubble as big as her face (she warns me the gum may get in your hair but peanut butter really does work!), she’s good at the monkey bars, loves to jump rope and make others laugh by telling jokes, like “Why did the football player cross the football field? …To get his quarter back!”

I’m very glad I met Sharon “Faith” Daily because she is fun and likes trying new things. I can’t wait until tomorrow because we’ve been assigned as hiking buddies. I have a feeling we will be good friends.