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Meet Farrah


This is Farrah, a Pioneer in Troop SC0725.


Here are some of her favorite things:

Favorite AHG Badge: Creative Writing

Favorite AHG event: Our AHG Troop Lock-In

Favorite color: blue

Favorite song: Anything by Jamie Grace or Capital Kings!

Favorite book: Stonewycke by Judith Pella and Micheal Phillips

Favorite Bible verse: Psalm 20:8

Favorite AHG memory: Teaching a class of Tenderhearts about constellations for the Space Exploration badge.

Favorite sport: basketball

Hobbies: writing stories, hanging with my friends, doing things with little kids and playing sports.

My pets: 2 rabbits, Ariel and Bazil. 1 horse, Charlie

Person I admire most: My Mom, because she always explains things to me.


In Farrah's words:

I love AHG because...

It's fun! I get to hang out with girls my age who have the same beliefs I do. Not to mention they like to talk, just like me! I get to serve others, Learn life skills (everyone needs to know how to properly use a bow and arrow, am I right?), and teach. That's one of my favorite parts, teaching. When we teach the younger kids they learn something new and we get practice for our own kids!

My story:

Ever since I was little I've loved being with people. I've always liked talking and conversing with girls my own age. But, having just moved and being home schooled, it seemed I was never around people. I wanted to join Girl Scouts, but even at 7 I could understand why my parents disagreed. So when I found out about AHG and my Mom asked if I wanted to do it, I believe my exact words were:
I've been an American Heritage Girl for 5 years now, and every week is the same;
"AHG? Yes!"