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Meet Elyanne

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This is Elyanne, an Explorer in Troop OK0405. She has been in AHG for 5 years!


Here are some of her favorite things:

Favorite AHG Badge: Horsemanship and Cake Decorating

Favorite AHG event: The Zoo Snooze I planned for my Lewis and Clark Project

Favorite color: Green and Pink

Favorite song: Beating Heart by Ellie Gouding

Favorite book:  Divergent

Favorite Bible verse: Revelation 19:11

Favorite AHG memory: The Raingutter Regatta that we had at my troop (I got third place overall)

Favorite sport: Horseback-riding, gymnastics, and volleyball

Hobbies: I am a self taught gymnast, I love horses, and I love crafts

My pets: 3 cats, Sooner 13, Patches 4, Oliver 4

Person I admire most: My mom


In Elyanne's words:

I love AHG because...

I love all the friendships I make while I am at AHG (Little did I know that when I joined my new troop in 2014 I would meet my best friend who is still my best friend today. I love all the badges that I can work on, at home and in meetings.

My story:

Hi my name is Elyanne (Ellie-ann) Moriah and I am a 12 year old Pioneer. My first name Elyanne means "My God has answered me" and my middle name means "God is my teacher" and if you where to ask me what my last name means I am not really sure. I have lived in Oklahoma my whole life and I love it here! I am homeschooled with two brothers. And a lot of times we have a lot of fights but normally we make up for it. I LOVE AHG and love the friendships that I make. I was born with a lazy eye which just means that eyes turn in and I can't control it. When I was 22 mouths old I had surgery to fix my eyes. I still have to wear glasses though and when I am a teenager I meant have to have a touch up surgery. When I was just nine years old my sister had a baby, and we are 10 years apart! I love my niece and she is 3 now. She talks like a 5 year old! Crazy Right?! I also have 3 cats. We had a dog once but we had to give him away :(. ( Love you Bullet!) I also LOVE music and am trying to get my Music Appreciation badge.

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