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Stars & Stripes Award

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What is the Stars & Stripes Award?

It is the highest recognition in American Heritage Girls, a multi-faceted award that honors girls who epitomize the AHG Oath and Creed. The award incorporates Badgework, service, and leadership. This award takes a lot of hard work and may take a year or more to achieve.

Who can earn the Stars & Stripes Award?  

Patriots who have earned the Dolley Madison Level Award and now wish to achieve AHG's highest earned honor. Young women who exemplify the qualities of the Creed - compassion, helpfulness, honesty, loyalty, perseverance, purity, resourcefulness, respectfulness, responsibility, and reverence. Young women who represent what the Lord desires of His people! The Dolley Madison Award is AHG’s top Level Award and achieving it means that you have worked diligently toward fulfilling all six of AHG’s Program Emphases and have laid the foundation for becoming a woman of integrity. Once you complete the Dolley Madison Award, the opportunity to extend what you have learned into a practical, real-world experience is available through the pursuit of the Stars & Stripes Award.

When can I earn my Stars & Stripes?

After receiving and reviewing the General Overview Packet, earning your Dolley Madison Level Award, submitting an Application for Candidacy and being approved as eligible, you may begin the Stars & Stripes adventure! Remember all requirements must be completed prior to your 18th birthday. Patriots with six months or less before their 18th birthday will NOT be approved as Stars & Stripes Award Candidates.

What is my first step?

Begin by requesting the Stars & Stripes General Overview Packet here . This packet can be requested as a Pioneer or Patriot and will give you the basic steps to the process. Use the information in the packet to help you prayerfully consider whether applying for the award procedure is right for you. As outlined in the packet, once you receive your Dolley Madison Award you may apply for Candidacy. Once you are approved as an eligible Candidate (meet age and award prerequisites) you will receive the Stars & Stripes Procedure Packet and assignment to a Stars & Stripes Project Advisor (SSPA). This packet will guide you through the procedure from Project idea brainstorming through Board of Review; read it carefully.

Need a visual? Check out these flowcharts to help you understand the process:
Initial Packet/Candidacy Request Flowchart and S&S Procedure Flowchart

What's the purpose of the Stars & Stripes Award?

By becoming a Candidate for the Stars & Stripes Award you are committing to represent the ideals of AHG to your community. You are stepping into a role of leadership that stretches your abilities and tests your resolve to be a servant-leader.
Although the requirements of the Stars & Stripes Award may appear daunting, these requirements follow a pattern of responsibility that you will face as an adult whether in college, building a family or pursuing a career. Each requirement is designed to help you grow. As a Candidate, you are asked to investigate, plan, prepare, problem-solve, make decisions, supervise your peers and adults, seek guidance, challenge yourself all in an environment of support that you may not have as an adult. Your parents, Troop Leaders, Mentor, Stars & Stripes Project Advisor, and most importantly, God, will be there to offer encouragement. You will have a safe place to try to fly.
This is an opportunity to bless your community. This is an opportunity to show yourself what it means to create a worthy experience for your peers. This is an opportunity to lean into God as you spend time in prayer while you work toward your goal, seeking Him for the strength, insight and passion you need to achieve. This procedure will take time, hard work, organization and commitment.
The goal of the Stars & Stripes Award is not the Award certificate, pin or recognition. The goal is the experience and realizing the servant’s heart that is needed to lead with integrity. Consider carefully whether you are ready to take this step. If you choose not to pursue the Stars & Stripes Award, God will give you other opportunities to spread your wings. Remember that it takes a woman of integrity to know her limitations.


If you have questions regarding the Stars & Stripes Award, click here to review the Stars & Stripes General Overview Packet with your Troop Leader. You can also email with additional questions.