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Meet Ruthy

Ruthy 3.png

This is Ruthy, a Patriot in Troop FL9613.


Here are some of her favorite things:

My favorite AHG Badge: Shooting Sports

My favorite AHG event: All Florida Camp

My favorite color: green

My favorite song: Good Good Father

My favorite book: Bible or horse training books

My favorite Bible verse: Philippians 4:6 Be worried about nothing, instead pray about everything with thanksgiving let your requests be know unto God

My favorite AHG memory: AHG Camp

My favorite sport: riding horses

My hobbies: archery

My pets: 1 dog 1 guinea pig 1 bird and I wish a horse

Person I admire most: my AHG leader


In Ruthy's words:

I love AHG because...

Every thing, All the leaders, All the girls, All the hard work, All the lessons, All the events, And most of All that God is in the center of All of it !!!

My story:

I am 15,
I Love riding horses, playing with younger kids,camping, going to church, helping in the nursery,and of course going to AHG

I started AHG 2 years ago, About 1/2 a year ( I think )after our Troop was founded, when some of my friends heard about AHG, and wanted to join a Troop, so the church the sponsors the horse I ride ( Rescued Horses Saved Kids ) Also started AHG because the leader's daughter rides the horses with me, so my friends asked me if I could go with them cause I know the leader, so I did and Loved it and join, right now I AHG's Pi/Pa's are planing a fashion show, and as a Troop we are going to be working on our Shooting Sports Badge!!!!!

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