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Meet MI0226

MI0226- shooting.JPGWorking on our Shooting Sports Badge!

Meet the Patriots of MI0226: Grace, Lisa, Julianna, and Jillian! See how they lived out the AHG Oath, and are


Loved God together by doing devotions at our AHG meetings.

Cherished our families together by doing the work of setting up for the AHG birthday party instead of our families.

Honored our country together by helping out at a flag burning ceremony.

Served in our community together by helping clean up our church during the National Day of Service.

Had fun together by going on our annual AHG MI0226 Camp Weekend at Covenant Hills.

Our favorite moment together has been playing games in the tent, cabin, or church late into the night.

MI0226- birthday.JPGHere we are at the AHG Birthday Party we helped with. MI0226- dancing.JPGTeaching the Upside Down dance to the rest of the Troop