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Meet Kiersten

This is Keirsten, a Patriot in Troop GA1412. She is in her sixth year of AHG!

Here are some of her favorite things:

Favorite AHG Badge: Creative Writing

Favorite AHG event: Camp Narroway

Favorite color: Navy Blue

Favorite song: In Dreams, from LotR

Favorite book:  Lord of the Rings

Favorite Bible verse: Luke 22:19 "And taking bread, he gave thanks, and brake; and gave to them, saying: This is my body, which is given for you. Do this for a commemoration of me."

Favorite AHG memory: Last year, my troop had a Pi/Pa retreat for the first time. It was such an incredibly beautiful experience. We went to a retreat center in the mountains, and spent a wonderful weekend strengthening friendships, contemplating the different gifts God gave each one of us and what He wants us to do with them, and just spending time in prayer with our Creator. And laughter. There was a lot of laughter...

Favorite sport: I am NOT a sports person. But I love ballroom dancing, if that counts

Hobbies: Reading, writing, and acting

My pets: None, unless my five year old sister counts...:P I used to have a cat, but he mysteriously disappeared one day about two years ago. He was a pretty nasty cat, though, and honestly, I don't think anyone was really sorry to see him go, sadly.

Person I admire most: Is it cheating to say Jesus?? I've never really been able to come up with a good answer to this question, but Mother Teresa is a strong contender.


In Kiersten's words:

I love AHG because...

Too many reasons!
All of my best friends are in AHG; some of them I've met through AHG, others are the reason I joined to begin with. My unit is really close-knit, and I just really really love getting to spend time with my friends.
I also love all our outings, especially high adventure. We do a high ropes course every year, and I absolutely love it. We recently went on our first backpacking trip and that was a blast.
And then the last reason I love AHG: leadership opportunities When I first became a Pioneer, I was one of only 3 Pi/Pa's in our troop. We were truly pioneers, not quite sure who we were or where we were going. I remember pushing in that first year, and in the year after that, for more leadership opportunities, and lots more camping trips. Finally, in my third year as a Pi/Pa, we finally had a big enough unit (12 or 13 girls) that we were able to start to really implement those things. Over the years that have followed, it's been a rocky road at times. Last year, we introduced the patrol system to our unit, and we really began to take charge of running things for ourselves. Unfortunately, the proper amount of girl leadership is a very tricky balance to find, and we quickly began to feel like baby birds who had just been thrown out of the nest and told to fly... or else.
It took a few months of flailing, but fortunately the leaders soon realized that we had been given a little too much responsibility all at once, and pulled in the reigns. Now, we patrol leaders still have a fair share of responsibility, and by no means is our job easy. But we have a structure in which to do it, and I think things are looking up for the future of our unit.
That's probably one of the greatest lessons I'll take away from my time in AHG. Sometimes things don't work out at first. Sometimes an idea just flops, and things start to seem hopeless. But that doesn't mean you have to scrap it altogether. It just means it needs a bit of work.


My Story:

I'm a 17 senior in high school, and I live near Atlanta, GA. I'm the oldest of five kids (3 boys, 2 girls), and I've been homeschooled for my entire life.
I read all the time. When I was little, my most frequent punishment was not being allowed to read for the rest of the day. Because I didn't really do anything else that my mom could take away! I recently moved to within biking distance of a library (I don't have my driver's license yet... And trust me, that's a good thing.) , and I really love being able to go there so easily. My favorite authors include J.R.R. Tolkien, Arthur Conan Doyle, Mildred Taylor, Charlotte Bronte, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Katherine Paterson, Jeanne Birdsall, Kate DiCamillo, and Mark Twain. If you're looking for some good books to read, I strongly encourage you to check them out!
I also do a lot of writing. It's been my passion since I was 7 years old, and I really can't imagine not writing... My stories are just such a part of who I am. If you're interested in reading some of my work, you can check out my blog: (Pro tip: The Personal Favorites tag is where the best stuff is at!)
I'm also in love with history. I love reading and writing about it, and, even though this probably sounds awful, the Holocaust is hands down my favorite period to study. There are just so many beautiful stories of courage and love even in the face of the most horrible tragedies imaginable...
I feel like I should say something here about my relationship with God, but I honestly don't know what... I always feel awkward when I talk about Him and me (believe it or not, that's proper grammar...), as if I'm bragging. Especially since people seem to expect you, as a good Christian girl, to talk only about how He's your everything, and you just absolutely couldn't live without Him. And I could do the same thing, to be sure. I could go on and on about how I'm so regular with my prayers, and how He's the one who gives me hope, and helps me to make it through each day. But that wouldn't give an accurate picture. It would be completely one sided. Because I'm definitely far from perfect in how I love Him. I do a lot of things that I know I shouldn't, and I only pray every day because I have this system where if I skip a day, I have to pray for twice as long for the next week. I know, lame, right? I probably shouldn't be threatening myself with prayer. :P But it works at least...
The real truth is, everybody struggles sometimes. I would venture to say that everybody struggles all of the time, at least a little, even though they try not to show it. And really, we need to stop trying to act like everything's perfect, and face our problems. We need to just lift them up to God, even when we really really really don't feel like it. (And trust me, I know what that's like.)
Sorry, this is starting to turn into some kind of devotional pep talk. And I could certainly turn this into one... But I won't. Because this is supposed to be my story, not my giving advice on how to live your story. ;)
I think that's about all, really.... So God bless!

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