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Meet Kadie


This is Kadie, a Patriot in Troop TX3558. She has been in AHG for 3 years!

Here are some of her favorite things:

Favorite AHG Badge: Outdoor Cooking

Favorite AHG event: My first AHG camp out

Favorite color: Lime Green and Sky Blue

Favorite song: "Who I am" by Blanca

Favorite book:  Can I say the Bible? I also love "The Horse and His Boy" by C.S. Lewis

Favorite Bible verse: Psalms 71:17

Favorite AHG memory: Building campfires in a sandy volleyball court and then roasting marshmallows

Favorite sport: Swimming and Horseback Riding

Hobbies: Reading a good book, trying new recipes in my kitchen, and being outdoors

My pets: Two little, gray dogs

Person I admire most: Besides Jesus, I would have to say Amy Carmichael


In Kadie's words:

I love AHG because...

I love AHG because I get to be with girls and leaders who share my passions and interests. I have a special relationship with all the girls in my Unit, and I enjoy doing things with each one.
My friends always say that I'm spitting out ideas like crazy. There is so much that I can do in AHG and I don't want to miss a single moment.
I love all of AHG: the friends, the leaders, the Badges, and especially all the wild but fun memories.

My Story:

I've been homeschooled most of my life. My family has moved a couple times, and I've lived in tiny towns, in a big city, and in the country. I've always been an outdoorsy type. When I was little, I climbed a LOT of trees. I also got stuck in a LOT of trees, but that's a different story...

When I was younger, I always wanted to be a Boy Scout because Boy Scouts get to do so many adventures like camping and earning badges. The only problem was, of course, I'm a girl.

I tried Girl Scouts, but it didn't really seem to click. For example, their idea of camping was staying in a cabin with no air conditioning. My idea of camping is a cluster of tents on a mountaintop, with the wind in the pines. Smoke rising from a campfire and ... Sorry, I'm getting a little carried away here.

Any way, I dropped Girl Scouts and that was the end of my outdoor adventures for a while. Until...

My friend attended an AHG summer camp and later that year her mom started a AHG Troop. I joined, and we were the first Troop in our area of Texas. We did a lot of fun stuff, like decorating cupcakes, practicing flag ceremonies, and learning about AHG.
I still can remember my first Board of Review. I was sooooo nervous! I was the first girl in my Troop to complete my Harriet Tubman and become a Patriot.

Now, I really am a Patriot, helping to lead my troop.
My Pi/Pa Unit isn't very large, which is a good thing because we all have to work together. We really are like a team.
We help the younger Units a lot and now we are starting to plan the meetings for our Unit. Each of us older girls plan a meeting and host activities for a certain Badge.

Our Troop is growing, and we are doing more and more! Already this year, we have held our very first camping trip, gone hiking along a local lake, participated in a 3K for a pregnancy center, and hosted a Biblical fashion show! We've teamed up with some great groups like Kiwanis and Knights of Columbus to help with service opportunities.

We are always up to something, so if you are ever in Texas...Come check out troop TX 3558! You'll find me either outdoors hiking a new trail or planning our next AHG campout!