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Hope Esther

Patriot Doll Profile.jpgNamed by Victoria Reese of IL2239

Hi there – I’m Hope Esther Madison, a Patriot in American Heritage Girls. My parents tell me that my name fits me perfectly because I daily put my hope in the Lord, and I am courageous like Esther in the Bible and former First Lady Dolley Madison. Sometimes balancing high school, sports, and AHG can be a challenge, but my favorite Bible verse, Psalm 118:6, gives me peace and hope: "The Lord is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?" I love this promise of protection from my heavenly Father!

My earthly Dad also works hard to protect me and my country – he’s a Major in the Army. This is why my favorite service project was making care packages for the troops in the U.S. Army. I’m even considering serving the Army in some way for my Stars & Stripes Project.

I have enjoyed so many of the Badges I have earned over the years, but my favorite Badge is the Cooking Badge. I hope that one day God will bless me with becoming a mother, and the Cooking Badge has helped me learn how to prepare delicious (I hope) food for my family! I love mentoring the younger girls in my Troop and am always the first to sign up for High Adventure activities. I’ve been talking to my Unit Leader about starting a Venture Crew so my friends and I can take that great sailing adventure we’ve been dreaming of!

Because we’re an Army family, I move around the country often, which means I have to leave many friends behind. Though this is difficult, I know I will always have friends in American Heritage Girls no matter where I go. No matter where I am, my hope is in the Lord, my personal savior and my protector!