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Meet Jess

Jess 1.JPG

This is Jess, an Explorer in Troop TX1318. She has been in AHG for 4 years!


Here are some of her favorite things:

Favorite AHG Badge: Horsemanship

Favorite AHG event: 20th Anniversary Convention

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite song: 22

Favorite book: Magic Treehouse series

Favorite Bible verse:  John 3:16

Favorite AHG memory: Camping on beach on coldest day of the year and seeing a dolphin near shore.

Favorite sport: Diving

Hobbies: Training Green Horses

My pets: Rabbit, Parakeets, Horse, Fish, Donkey

Person I admire most: My Trainer


In Jess's words:

I love AHG because...

We go camping and do some fun things.

My story:

I really enjoy working with horses and teaching them how to jump over things. When horses are green they are usually scared to jump over things but I hold a carrot and run alongside them and they learn to jump. Then I raise the bar little by little til they knock it down. It feels really good when I run with the horses.

Jess 2.JPG