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Meet Emelia

This is Emelia, an Explorerin Troop WV0025. She has been in AHG for 3 years!

Here are some of her favorite things:

Favorite AHG Badge: Pet Care

Favorite AHG event: rock climbing and camping

Favorite color: white

Favorite song: Krystal Meyers Feel So Right

Favorite book:  Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Favorite Bible verse:  All of Ruth

Favorite AHG memory: Summer camp with my BFF

Favorite sport: baseball

Hobbies: Playing with my dog

My pets: Zeppelin and Peanut Butter

Person I admire most: Dan, my dad


In Emelia's words:

I love AHG because...

I meet new friends and do all sorts of cool stuff

My Story:

Hi my name is Emelia..... I have two dogs one small one and one big one they are super cute and fun. I am the only girl and I have three brothers so it gets annoying sometimes. I baiscally live with my BFF Sydney she is also an Explorer like me. I have a great time with AHG.