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Troop Costs

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Initial Charter Fee: $325.00

AHG Annual Membership Fee: $26.00 per member (girl & adult)

Annual Charter Renewal Fee: $195.00

AHG Program Support Fee: $20.00 per registered girl, annually after the first year

Additional costs include Troop dues, price of AHG Uniform, and price of AHG Handbook. These costs vary based on the Program Level of the Member.

Help with the AHG Troop costs can come from a variety of sources:

  • Ideally, the Charter Organization holding the AHG Charter considers AHG in their budget. Because AHG can serve as an outreach ministry, AHG can be funded through Women’s Ministry, Christian Education, Youth/Children’s Ministry or Missions budgets.
  • Many AHG Troops are self-funded, generating income from various fundraisers, Troop dues, and donations.
  • Most often funding comes from both sources: the Charter Organization and the AHG Troop.