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Benefits to Schools

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1. American Heritage Girls can be part of a well-rounded extra-curricular program that anyone can participate in regardless of talents and abilities (as opposed to sports and fine arts).

2. A school that charters the American Heritage Girls program takes ownership of that program and molds it according to the school's principles and goals. 

3. Badgework in AHG complements a school’s academic curriculum with Badges such as: Native Americans, Young Meteorologist, Citizenship and Government, Creative Writing, and Physical Fitness.

4. An AHG Troop can generate positive publicity for the school through their service in the community and other activities, and an AHG Troop can provide service to the school as part of their promise to "serve in my community". 

5. AHG promotes patriotism and a positive attitude toward serving our country. 

6. Being a part of an AHG Troop promotes camaraderie and a positive peer group for girls outside of the classroom structure.  

7. AHG provides leadership training and opportunities for girls. 

8. American Heritage Girls can offer girls many activities they desire – outdoor trips, water sports, and high adventure – that are generally not part of the school curriculum.

9. An AHG leadership and character development ministry in the Christian school setting can include prayer, Christian songs, and Bible study.  

10. The Christian leaders in AHG serve as role models to students in support of parents and teachers. The school's values, and the mission of AHG, are reflected through the Troop's leadership. Therefore, the school has the privilege and responsibility to select, screen and approve all Troop leadership.

11. AHG is proud to be able to partner with the Programs of Religious Activities with Youth (P.R.A.Y. ) organization and the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (N.F.C.Y.M. ) in order to offer all American Heritage Girls the opportunity to earn a religious award/medal based upon her denominational beliefs/affiliations. Learn more about opportunities available to girls by reading AHG's Guide to Religious Recognitions. Any girl desiring to earn the Stars & Stripes Award (AHG's highest award) must have earned a spiritual award.