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Benefits to Churches

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1. American Heritage Girls can be used as a method for introducing youth to the Christian faith.

2. A church that charters the American Heritage Girls Program takes ownership of that program and molds it according to the church's principles and goals. 

3. An American Heritage Girls Troop can offer Christian teaching that includes prayer and Bible study. 

4. The church's values, and the mission of AHG, are reflected through the Troop's leadership. The church has the privilege and responsibility to select, screen and approve all Troop leadership.

5. American Heritage Girls gives adults the opportunity to participate and live out their Christian values with youth in a variety of settings. (Some adult Leaders may not feel comfortable teaching a Sunday school class, but place them outdoors, in God’s beauty, and it’s a different story.) 

6. American Heritage Girls can offer girls many activities they desire: outdoor trips, water sports and high adventure. 

7. American Heritage Girls can be an outreach to the community. It allows families to participate in a non-threatening church setting and encourages involvement in the church body. 

8. AHG allows girls to put "legs on their faith," thus becoming an outward sign of Christ's love in their community.

9. American Heritage Girls is a complement to Bible-based youth programs such as Sunday school and after-school programs. Children are able to live their faith through AHG's leadership and character development ministry, as well as be surrounded by mentors of the faith. 

10. AHG is proud to be able to partner with the Programs of Religious Activities with Youth (P.R.A.Y. ) organization and the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (N.F.C.Y.M. ) in order to offer all American Heritage Girls the opportunity to earn a religious award/medal based upon her denominational beliefs/affiliations. Learn more about opportunities available to girls by reading AHG's Guide to Religious Recognitions. Any girl desiring to earn the Stars & Stripes Award (AHG's highest award) must have earned a spiritual award.