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Start a Troop

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American Heritage Girls is not just a fun program; it’s a ministry to develop character in girls. Every AHG Troop belongs to a local ministry organization called a Charter Organization. Charter Organizations can be churches; parochial, private or Christian schools; YMCA; or other faith-based non-profit groups.

Steps to Starting a Troop

1. Connect with an American Heritage Girls Troop Coach!

I’m interested in starting a Troop or want to learn more: Fill out this form to connect with an American Heritage Girls Troop Coach for your state. Your Troop Development Coach will answer questions and can provide helpful resources for you to share with a potential Charter Organization and other families who will join you in the formation of a Troop.

2. Who will be your ministry partner? Which ministry in your community would embrace the AHG Program? Set up a time with the potential ministry partner/Charter Organization to discuss the many benefits of AHG to the girls and families in your community. (If you are reading this as a ministry representative of a Charter Organization, you can skip this step!)

3. Who’s on your team? Every Troop has a Troop Board consisting of 5 adults: a Charter Representative, Troop Coordinator, Vice Coordinator, Troop Treasurer and Troop Shepherd. Consider who is gifted in finance, administration, encouragement, etc. and designate Troop Board positions accordingly.

4. Let us help you through the charter process: Call (513) 771-2025 and ask for the Troop Development Coach for your state. They will help you officially charter your new AHG Troop!

At any point during these beginning steps, you may contact the AHG Member Services Department at (513) 771-2025 to obtain coaching, guidance or additional information.