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Alumnae FAQ

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Alumnae Initiative FAQ

Who is considered an AHG Girl Alumna?
Any woman, 18 years or older, who was registered in the AHG Program as a Girl Member, is considered an AHG Girl Alumna.
Why update your contact info?
For most Alumnae, the information captured in AHG’s database is outdated. Since their days in the AHG Program, many Alumnae have moved on to college, into their own homes, and even changed their last names. In order to reach Alumnae directly and to share exciting opportunities, AHG needs to update their Alumnae database with current contact information. If you are an AHG Alumna, we encourage you to update their contact information to stay connected with the AHG Ministry and learn more about the upcoming exciting opportunities.
When will the Alumnae Committee form?
AHG is hopeful that selection for the National Alumnae Task Force will be complete by early Spring 2017. The National Alumnae Task Force will determine the direction and vision for the National Alumnae Committee.
What is the role of American Heritage Girls' National Alumnae Committee?
The National Alumnae Committee will begin as a short-term Task Force. The purpose of this Task Force will be to develop a long-term vision for Alumnae structure, including the creation of the long-term National Alumnae Committee. American Heritage Girls desires a vehicle by which Alumnae can reconnect with the AHG Ministry, and be encouraged and inspired to continue to live out the AHG Oath in their adult lives. AHG believes that a National Committee made up of Alumnae will be a dynamic method for creating an innovative Alumnae structure.
Who can serve on the National Alumnae Task Force?
All AHG Alumnae are eligible to apply to serve on the Task Force. An AHG Alumna is any woman, 18 years or older, who was registered in the AHG Program as a Girl Member. AHG is looking to fill this Task Force with big-picture visionaries who are passionate about empowering AHG Alumna to give back to the AHG ministry. Representation from diverse backgrounds and geographic locations are desired. Additional information about serving in this role can be found in the National Alumnae Task Force Ministry Agreement .
To apply to serve on this Task Force, click here to complete the AHG High Impact Partner (HIP) Interest Form
How can I help?
You can assist the Alumnae Initiative by spreading the word! Reach out to the AHG Alumnae in your life and encourage them to update their contact information and learn more about the exciting opportunities on the horizon!

I have more questions. Who can I contact?
For questions regarding the Alumnae Initiative, please click here to email the Alumnae team .