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Melanie Reid

Melanie Reid

Melanie Reid Program Specialist I


PHONE: 513-771-2025

ADDRESS: 175 Tri-County Pkwy, Suite 100, Cincinnati, OH 45246

WORKING FOR AHG:  Working with AHG is a dream come true!  All the years of strange jobs, odd interests and diverse abilities/talents can  come together for the ministry of AHG.  This is a dream that God truly orchestrated and it was worth the wait!

FAVORITE CHILDHOOD BOOK:  My favorite book was “Harriet, The Spy” and I even have the very copy (bought at a Friends of the Library book sale) that I used to check out.  Harriet is creative, wears glasses and likes tomato sandwiches; me too!

FAVORITE CHILDHOOD HOBBY:  My favorite hobby was daydreaming!  I also enjoyed reading and digging in the yard for arrow heads and artifacts.