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Brenda Harris

Brenda Harris

Brenda Harris New Troop Development Manager


PHONE: 513-771-2025

ADDRESS: 175 Tri-County Parkway, Suite 100, Cincinnati, OH 45246

WHY YOU ENJOY WORKING FOR AHG: Working within a Christian environment where I see my co-workers unified and passionate about the mission and vision of its ministry gives me a thrilling charge! Their passion for AHG is what I enjoy the most! I am so thankful that God chose this place to use me to serve and make a difference!

FAVORITE CHILDHOOD BOOK: Cinderella was my favorite! From this book, I learned so much from the characters and how we should treat each other with kindness and compassion, the way we all desire to be treated!

FAVORITE CHILDHOOD HOBBY: Roller Skating was my favorite hobby! I looked forward to Saturday mornings because my Dad would take me to the roller skating rink! He would sit and watch me skate until I talked him into learning! After I taught him how to skate, I had a great roller skating partner!