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Karen Gramke

Karen Gramke

Karen Gramke Trailblazer Specialist


PHONE: 513-771-2025

ADDRESS: 175 Tri-County Pkwy, Suite 100, Cincinnati, OH 45246

WORKING FOR AHG:  AHG stands for what I believe in -  keeping priorities where they are intended to be as the logo states: Faith, Service and Fun. AHG gives young girls the best experiences to become wonderful young women with God at the forefront of those experiences. The staff at AHG are wonderful as well and share that vision of a Christ-centered mission. (Also there is a popcorn machine in the break room!)

FAVORITE CHILDHOOD BOOK: I loved all the biographies during the pioneer and early American days.  I liked reading about their lives when they were children and the situations they experienced.  I also liked the Little House on the Prairie series.  I thought traveling in a carriage or covered wagon would be the greatest way to travel!

FAVORITE CHILDHOOD HOBBY:  I loved art, especially 3-D art-like pottery was my absolute favorite.  I thought art should be practical, so making items that people could use was more fun for me.