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Becky Lipps

Becky Lipps

Becky Lipps Graphic Design Specialist


PHONE: 513-771-2025

ADDRESS: 175 Tri-County Pkwy, Suite 100, Cincinnati, OH 45246

WHY YOU ENJOY WORKING FOR AHG: I love that AHG gives everyone freedom to be themselves. Personalities are embraced and strengthened with grace and encouragement. It's unlike any other place I've ever worked.

FAVORITE CHILDHOOD BOOK: My favorite book as a child was Charlotte's Web. It was also the first book our oldest daughter read.

FAVORITE CHILDHOOD HOBBY: Sitting on the kitchen floor with my coloring books and having access to every color that Crayola Crayon ever made. The bottom cabinet drawer was full of hundreds of crayons and none where in a box. I loved it!