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Marci Powell

Marci Powell

Marci Powell Chairman

SERVING ON THE NATIONAL BOARD OF TRUSTEES:  Until AHG, I have found no other programs or associations in which I believe 100in their purpose or mission. When I was approached at the possibility of serving in this capacity, I prayerfully realized that God has provided me the life experience to be a valuable member to the organization and board. I want to do all I can to help AHG grow to reach and impact many more girls' lives for the Lord.


FAVORITE CHILDHOOD MEMORY:  As darkness fell, we hiked to the top of an ancient volcanically carved mountain ridge and began singing ''Sweet, Sweet Spirit.'' The acapella sound reverberated across the canyon bringing campers on the other ridge and younger campers on the canyon floor into worship. As the chorus of voices rose, a great ball of fire shot across the sky from one ridge igniting a cross placed in a cave’s entrance on the other side. Our hearts drew closer to the Lord in a powerful finish to a church camp experience….one I will never forget.