As an AHG advocate, an individual is bearing its burdens, holding up its members, sustaining the program through volunteerism, and maintaining its ministry through financial giving. 

Support: sup·port ~ Function:  transitive verb
1: to endure bravely or quietly:
bear; 2a(1): to promote the interests or cause of (2): to uphold or defend as valid or right: advocate ; 2b(1): assist, help ; 3: to pay the costs of : maintain  

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Pray: All of us, whether young or old, can spend time in prayer for the AHG ministry and its membership. Go here to find encouragement from our National Executive Director, submit or view prayer requests and share in AHG members' praises and blessings. 

 Financial gifts to AHG are greatly needed to maintain the ministry and continue its growth and development across the nation. AHG's sustainability depends on generous donors like you. Make your financial contribution today. All contributions and gifts to AHG are tax-deductible. American Heritage Girls, Inc. has been a proud member of ECFA (Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability) since December 26, 2005.

Get Involved:  As an AHG Volunteer, one has many opportunities to use the gifts and talents that God has provided to each of us. Go here to view the many Volunteer opportunities available through AHG National and your local Troop. By getting involved, you may bring the good news of Christ to girls around the world.