The American Heritage Girls program is a ministry that is chartered through a local Charter Organization (churches; parochial, private or Christian schools; Knights of Columbus; YMCA; or other faith-based non-profit groups).

First Steps:

  1. Learning and Sharing:  Begin by learning more about AHG and sharing it with others.  We offer the following resources to help in educating you on AHG and in sharing the program with others.
    • Electronic Resources:  A page full of assorted marketing resources for you to choose from.  Utilize them all or select those that best fit your needs.  If this is what you are looking for you can request this marketing resource.

    • AHG InformationPacket:  Color booklet containing information about the program as well as additional sheets and resources to share as you talk with others about joining you in the formation of your troop.  This packet may be sent to you once you request the marketing resource sheet above, and complete the Charter Presentation Packet Request form.

    • AHG Info Kits:  Contains a bigger glimpse of the AHG Program and includes the majority of our promotional materials which are used in presenting to potential charter organizations and/or hosting Information Sessions to interested families. Choose the versions that best meets your needs.  Order these kits through our online store.
          • Basic info kit
          • Info kit plus
  2. Identify Charter Partner: Brainstorm potential charter organizations, thinking about who would embrace the AHG program and set-up a time to discuss the AHG program with them and its many benefits to the girls and families in your community. 

  3. Recruit Troop Board:  Establish your Troop Board consisting of a Charter Representative, Troop Coordinator, Vice Coordinator, Treasurer and Troop Shepherd.

  4. Form Preparations and Submission:  Obtain and complete the necessary charter paperwork from the Charter Checklist.  All the materials and forms you need to complete the charter process are found on our website via the checklist.  Once completed, the paperwork and payment can be submitted to the address noted on the top of the charter checklist.

Also available is a more detailed start-up resource "Steps to Starting an AHG Troop" that outlines additional guidance through the charter process.

At any point during these beginning steps of chartering an AHG Troop, you can contact our Membership Department at (513) 771-2025 to obtain support, guidance or any additional information.