Welcome to AHG's area of the website dedicated to sharing the many blessings bestowed to the ministry through working relationships, partnerships, and resources with other like-minded organizations.  This portion of the AHG website will share in depth the relationships established, community service activities in which members serve, opportunities for spiritual development of members, and inspirational messages from AHG's Executive Director.
Program Relationships
Program Relationships include partnerships and other wonderful organizations in which AHG has the pleasure to work closely with to bring resources to AHG members.  Through these relationships, AHG is able to utilize the valuable talents and tools in which these programs already have in place and are noted experts in their field.

Community Service
Community Service include like-minded organizations in which AHG has the honor of working with to serve others in need.  These orchestrated projects and more are enjoyed by AHG Troops nationwide throughout the calendar year.  

Denominational Relationships
Spiritual Development is a vital part of a girl's progression during her time in the AHG program.  AHG continues to build working relationships with Christian denominations and esteemed programs to offer members educational resources, recognitions, and other opportunities.  In addition, this area highlights the varying denominations that endorse the AHG program as their preferred programming for girls.

Executive Director's Area
ED's Area is a portion of the website dedicated to sharing the vision of the AHG program with others.  Grab a cup of coffee, a cozy blanket, sit back and relax as you keep up with exciting times through AHG's Facebook page, be inspired through the words of AHG's Executive Director in her blog, Patti's Page, and more.